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Flaggs to ask Trump, legislative leaders to include churches in relief packages

Mayor George Flaggs Jr. believes churches should be included in any federal or state relief program put together in support of those businesses, individuals and organizations hurt by the economic slowdown due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“While we talk about small business and we talk about the little man, let’s see if there’s a way to reimburse churches for their economic loss as it relates to this and hopefully that would satisfy some leaders of the flock,” he said during Wednesday’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. “I just think it’s only fair.”

Flaggs said he plans to make the request in a letter sent to President Donald Trump, Gov. Tate Reeves and legislative leaders in the coming days.

And while Flaggs admits his request may get some adverse reactions from some people, he believes “We are our brother’s keeper, and that includes everybody that I know of that is impacted by this.

“I believe we ought to look at ways to try to help the smaller churches,” he said. “You don’t know how much it costs until you get what it costs in the mail. We ought to help our brother.”