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Organizers of Friday’s march did the memory of George Floyd justice

To those who organized Friday’s march and protest of George Floyd’s despicable death at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis, Minn. last week, you followed all the right protocols.

In doing so, you honored Floyd’s memory and properly highlighted the cause so strongly advocated.

From day one, from the very first social media post to the first meeting with officials with the city of Vicksburg and the Vicksburg Police Department, the organizers had a clear objective to raise awareness of police brutality in our country and to focus on the idea that love can conquer all.

In an interview leading up to Friday’s protest, one of the organizers, Mike Bunch, said organizing the event was a calling to show the power of love and bringing people together to talk about the issues that have so terribly divided our nation. As the hundreds who gathered Friday for the march dispersed late Friday afternoon, it is our opinion organizers met their goals.

As the more than 300 marchers made their way from the Vicksburg Police Department on Veto Street down Walnut Street, past City Hall, to Jackson Street and then to Washington Street Park, they did not make their walk alone.

Alongside those wanting to protest police violence were members of the Vicksburg Police Department, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. As the marchers made their way to the park, battling temperatures well in the 90s, it was officers, deputies and Troopers stopping traffic, manning barricades and in many cases walking and marching. They, too, want the stain of police violence to be lifted, cleaned.

These were men and women today, serving and protecting, as well as supporting. This is how love can conquer all.

Throughout history, Vicksburg has proven to be a very unique place. During the Seige of Vicksburg, its residents showed strength and endurance. After the tornado devastated portions of the city in 1953 its residents — all of its residents — came together to rebuild. And in each crisis and troubling period in history, this city, this community has stood strong. It did so again Friday.

The organizers of this protest counted and depended on Vicksburg to peacefully show up and show out. And just as it has in the past, Vicksburg did just that.